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Showboat Chihuahuas located in Oviedo has 3 males available and ready to go to their new homes.  Sire is Grand Champion Knockout Southrn Comfort.  Born November 30, 2022.  Pet price is $2,500.  

Photos of past puppies



I believe it is very important for potty training to start with the breeder to make an easier transition for a puppy to their new home.  At around 3-4 weeks we start the potty training process so that they learn that there is a place for potty.  When puppies first wake up or right after they eat they naturally feel the need to eliminate which is why the potty pad and and litter box is close to their bed.  This teaches the puppy that there is a place to sleep, eat, play and potty and will make for an easier transition to outside potty training with a crate or using a litter box.  Puppies raised in cages where there is no separation have a more difficult time understanding this concept because they are able to eliminate where ever they choose. 

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